Center on Transition to Employment for Youth with Disabilities

Disseminating evidence-based practices that contribute to successful employment for youth with disabilities

The Center is designed to research and spotlight the strategies and circumstances that produce optimal employment and career achievement for youth with disabilities. The Center is conducting six discrete studies on transition to employment topics, focusing on three groups of youth who tend to have the lowest employment outcomes: youth with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, youth with emotional or mental health disabilities, and minority youth with disabilities. A key purpose of the Center is to contribute knowledge for ongoing academic analysis, policy development, and in-the-field practice that promote increased employment success for these youth.

This dedicated website highlights findings of the research, as well as related products, tools, publications, and other resources. The intent is to provide up to date, evidence-based, and useful information to educators, rehabilitation professionals, youth with disabilities and their families, advocates, researchers, and policy makers.

The Center is operated as a partnership between TransCen, Inc. and Virginia Commonwealth University, and is supported through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research.